Sisu – MAX Next Gen 2.4 Red – Mouthguard

Sisu – MAX Next Gen 2.4 Red – Mouthguard


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Sisu – MAX Next Gen 2.4 Red – Mouthguard

Moutguard Evolution! – The Sisu Mouthguard 2.4 Pink – Roze


De Sisu Mouthguard is één van de meest verkochte bitjes op de markt en met goede reden!

Deze unieke bitjes zijn hoog in kwaliteit en geschikt voor alle sporten, afhankelijk van welke sport word er gekeken naar een 1.6mm dikke variant of een 2.4mm dikke variant.

De SISU Max Next Gen Mouthguard Red is 2.4mm dun en biedt van alle SISU guards de meeste bescherming. Deze mouthguard is nog steeds 30% dunner dan de standaard sport-bitjes.
Het is op maat gemaakt zodat u gewoon kan praten, ademen en drinken.

Heb je een beugel? Dit is geen probleem!

  • Geschikt voor volwassenen
  • 30% dunner
  • 50% sterker
  • Geschikt om mee te drinken

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At 2.4mm thin, the SISU Max Mouthguard offers the most protection of any SISU guard, but is still 30% thinner than conventional sports mouth guards. It’s custom-fitted so you’ll be able to talk, breathe and drink better than ever before. It’s really the best of both worlds



NextGen is the latest evolution in mouthguard engineering by the makers

of SISU Guard. Simply put, it is the most powerful mouthguard we’ve

ever built. With its unmatched quality and functionality, SISU NextGen

was designed with the athlete in mind, and its unique new features are

hyper focused on additional protection and comfort.

The Max guard is made from our high-tech thermoplastic material that is 50% stronger and has 8x greater tensile strength than conventional mouthguard materials. So if you’ll be colliding at full velocity into giant competitors at frequent intervals, or if your opponent gets in that one lucky punch before you knock him out, the SISU Max is the mouthguard for you.


Even when you wear a Max guard, you don’t have to sacrifice a more comfortable mouth. The SISU Max is only 2.4 mm thick, making it 30% thinner than your typical mouthguard. It’s custom-fitting AND you’ll be able to talk, breathe and drink better than ever before. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Nog meer informatie of overtuiging nodig over de Sisu Mouthguards? Lees ook: Waarom Sisu Mouthguards

  • $35,000 full dental warranty (1 year)
  • BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free.
  • FDA Compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • All Sports


Why Sisu? When Stacked next to its copetitors, every Sisu stands out in five key areas:

The first Strenght:

Using revolutionary Diffusix™ technology, SISU mouthguards are 8 times tougher and 30-50% stronger than conventional mouthguards. You’ll be able to start each game with confidence knowing that no matter how hard you hit, your SISU is there to protect you.

The second Comfort:

A mouthguard shouldn’t be something you dread having to wear because it’s uncomfortable. In contrast to the large, clunky guards you’ve come to expect, every SISU is a super-slim 1.6-2.4 mm thin. They’re so small that you’ll honestly forget you’re even wearing a mouthguard!

The third Hygiene:

SISU provides a comfortable custom fit that allows you to keep your guard in your mouth the entire game or practice. You don’t need to constantly remove your guard to talk, breathe or drink. This means that fewer germs will be transferred from your dirty, sweaty hands to your SISU Guard

The fourth Remoldability:

SISU is the mouthguard that allows you to adjust over time, maintaining utmost comfort and protection. Beyond custom fitting, every SISU mouthguard can be remolded to ensure the best fit. Simply place your SISU Guard back in hot water, and it becomes soft and pliable, and ready to remold.

The fifth Freedom

Mouthguards shouldn’t get in the way of your game, which is why every SISU is roughly half the thickness of conventional guards. When you wear a SISU, talking, breathing, and drinking are largely unobstructed, allowing you to keep your focus where it matters: on the next big play.

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